The Emergency Proposal on the Deployment of Robots to Fukushima by The Science Council of Japan 2011.04.19

Proposing implementation of a new organizational structure and phased action plans for deployment of robots to nuclear accidents

by Prof. Yasuo Kuniyoshi, University of Tokyo.

On 13th April, the Science Council of Japan released an emergency proposal on establishing a new organizational structure and phased approach to deploy robotics system into nuclear accident sites that includes long-term improvement of readiness against such accidents.

The proposal addressed, in its supplementary material, re-evaluation of possible counter measures for each phase of accidents (cold stop, decommissioning, clean up of surrounding area), redesigning of operation and safety systems with increased use of robots, and introduction of rescue robots. In addition, establishment of an organization that persistently provides development, maintenance, improvement, and training of such robotics systems jointly with robotics experts, fire department, and self-defense forces.

The proposal and associated material was discussed and compiled by the robotics working group under the 3rd division mechanical engineering committee of the Science Council of Japan. Professors Ikeuchi, Inoue, Kawamura, Kuniyoshi, Satoh, Hirose, and Fukuda was involved in this disucssion from the task force.

The 5th proposal on East Japan Earthquake “On the deployment of robots for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident” by The Science Council of Japan (13th April, 2011)

An article of ROBONABLE (WEB Journal) on the proposal (2011.04.15 in Japanese)
“The Science Council of Japan proposes the deployment of robots to the nuclear accidents.”



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