Technology of Anti-Disaster Robotics (4) 2011.04.08

Items to be Considered upon Deployment of Robots

Hajime Asama, Professor, The University of Tokyo

Thorough investigation on following items must be considered before the deployment of robot systems in disaster control.

  • Clarification of required mission and tasks List of functionality and performance of the tasks
  • Assessment of mission environments.

– Condition of the environment that robots operate: radiation, debris communication medium, power supply, illumination, etc.

  • Survey of available robots and technology.

– Survey on robots with performance and functionality that is necessary  in completion of the mission.
– Survey of the robots that partially meet the requirement when there is no such robot that exactly satisfies the requirement.

  • Problem solving (in case of robots only partially meeting the requirement)

– Modification and reinforcement of robot systems.
– Preparation of the mission environment to ease the environmental condition.
– Revision of the mission and re-planning of tasks.

  • Preparation of the operation

– Assembly and training of the mission crew.
– Preparation of power and communication environment.
– Preparation of operation environment (operation panel and/or operation hut)
– Generation of the map.

To cope with the continuously changing environment, highly responsive and flexible map data handling system is necessary; mapping data will vary on the location and time and will be reported in various forms. Spatio-temporal map data must be collected and stored in order to understand the situation; it will enhance the prediction of the time varying situation. Realtime update of the situation including map data is vital feedback information to optimize and revise the mission. Furthermore, situation in rare disasters such as nuclear accidents must be archived for knowledge of later generation.



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