Robots called-out to search those who are missing after the Tumani 2011.04.16

Release from the NPO International Rescue System Institute

At the request of local authorities affected by the tsunami, Texas A & M University’s Center for Robot Assisted Search & Rescue’s (CRASAR) Professor Robin Murphy and team, will conduct joint investigation with NPO International Rescue Systems’ (IRS) Professor Satoshi Tadokoro,  Tohoku University, and team on the coast with underwater robots.


  • Robin Murphy (Professor, Texas A&M University, CRASAR director) and five other staff
  • Satoshi Tadokoro (Professor, Tohoku University, IRS Chairman)
  • Fumitoshi Matsuno (Professor, Kyoto University, IRS Vice Chairman)
  • Kazuyuki Kon (Assistant Professor, Kyoto University)
  • Shigeo Hirose (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, ISR director) and four other staff
  • Tetsuya Kimura (Associate Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology)
  • Kenichi Makabe (member of the Kanagawa Prefecture firefighters: IRS-U leader)
  • One student from Tohoku University’s Tadokoro Laboratory
  • One student from Nagaoka University of Technology’s Kimura Laboratory

Activity schedule:

April 19 (Tuesday)
Professor Robin Murphy: Southern Sanriku Chou
Professor Shigeo Hirose : Watari Chou
April 20 (Wednesday)
Professor Robin Murphy: Southern Sanriku Chou
Professor Shigeo Hirose: Watari Chou
April 21 (Thursday)
Professor Robin Murphy: Southern Sanriku Chou, Rikuzentakata
Professor Fumitoshi Matsuno , Kenichi Makabe: Rikuzentakata (meeting)
April 22 (Friday)
Professor Robin Murphy: Rikuzentakata
April 23 (Saturday)
Professor Robin Murphy: Rikuzentakata

There is more information about Professor Shigeo Hirose’s underwater robot “Anchor Diver No. 3” under “Engineer’s Proposal (1)“.

This link has more information regarding Professor Robin Murphy and CRASAR.



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