Dear Robotics Engineers and Researchers 2011.04.19

An activity report on Anti-disaster robotics task force

A meeting was held on March 31, 2011 at University of Tokyo on possible use of robots for East Japan Earth Quake and Tsunami as well as Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power Plants. The meeting was jointly call by Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro of International Rescue System Institute (IRS) and Prof. Yoshihiko Nakamura, and participated in by over 25 researchers.

It was agreed that the task force “Robotics Task Force for Anti-Disaster” (chaired by Prof. Hajime Asama) shall be established to enable timely and effective actions beyond the scope of academic societies and disciplines including participations by individuals. The scope of collaboration are not limited to robotics, but include any areas that may contribute to improve the situation. The task force started its activities in cooperation with the Science Council of Japan and Japan Robot Association, and through networking with five academic societies (Robot Society of Japan, Robot-Mechatronics division of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, SI division of The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society — Tokyo Chapter, IFToMM Japan Council) and International Rescue System Institute. A joint statement was issued on 4th April, and activity reports are continuously up-dated through the official blog:


On 12 April meeting (the 2nd Anti-disaster robotics task force meeting), the task force decided to organize an open symposium. The announcement was issued already on this blog. We sincerely call for participation by broad robotics researchers and engineers. In addition, an ICRA special forum will be held at IEEE ICRA 2011, one of the largest robotics conference. For those who will participate in ICRA-2011, please join us on this very special and important forum.

17th, April 2011

Yoshihiko Nakamura (Anchorman)
Hajima Nakamura (Chairman)
Robotics Task Force for Anti-Disaster



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