Anti-Radioactivity of Robots (2) 2011.04.12

SEE in radiation-proof performance of electric/electronic equipments

Shinji Kawatsuma, Chief Technical Officer, Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Assuming coolant water in the nuclear power plant was deprived and the nuclear fuels were heated and damaged, volatile I 131, Cs 134 and Cs 137, which are volatile radionuclide, might be dominantly released. Because gamma ray is not charged particles, it is reasonable to see only beta ray conduce to SEE on electric/electronic equipments. Beta ray from I 131 is 0.2-0.6 [MeV], Cs 134 is 0.09-0.7 [MeV] and Cs 137 is 0.5-1.2 [MeV]. Beta ray at these levels can be blocked by a sheet of aluminum foil; therefore its SEE on electric/electronic equipments might not cause a problem.

Commentary.1: See the article “Anti-Radioactivity of Robots (1)”
Commentary.2: SEE (Single Event Effects): Malfunction or destruction of a circuit element by the effect of one high-energy particle.



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