Announcement: 5.02 Open Symposium 2011.04.16

“Toward Recovery from Disaster, Robot Technology Today”

Time: 14.00pm-16.00pm JST, May 2th (Monday), 2011
Venue: Ichijo Hall, Yayoi Auditorium, University of Tokyo
Entry:  (expired)

How did researchers and engineers of robotics act for the earthquake, the tsunami and the accidents at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant? What are problems discovered from the activity? The researchers and engineers ask themselves about these problems. And the technical information discovered so far is to be introduced and shared. Then also, they have a exchange on the future approach of robotics technologies widely.


  • “Activities of the Robotics Task Force for Anti-Disaster ” Prof. Hajime Asama, University of Tokyo
  • “Activities of International Rescue System Research Institute” Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohoku University
  • “Robotics Technologies and Activities in Tsunami-Damaged Areas” Prof. Fumitoshi Matsuno, Kyoto University
  • “Settlement Efforts at Nuclear Power Plant by Remote-Controlled System” Dr. Hirohisa Hirukawa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • Panel Discussion,  Chair: Yoshihiko Nakamura, University of Tokyo

Robotics Task Force for Anti-Disaster
NPO International Rescue System Research Institute
The Robotics Society of Japan
JSME, Robotics and Mechatronics Division
SICE, System Integration Division
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Japan Chapter
IFToMM, Japan Council

(We will broadcast this symposium live via USTREAM. Our USTREAM channel is here.)



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