Activity Report (2) 2011.04.09

The call-request for robotics engineers/researchers from local government
This information is shared with The Robotics Society of Japan by mailing-list

On the whole coast line from Miyako to Rikuzentakata, Iwate
Information provided by Professor Fumitoshi Matsuno, Kyoto University

We got an official collaboration request for searching under water from the Iwate Disaster Countermeasure Office on 31th March. The requested operation was for searching bodies in a harbor in Rikuzentakata city. Found bodies will be entrusted to Japan Self-defense Forces. The water depth is 15m, and the range of view is only 30-50cm. There are rubbles under sea and on sea surface. Participants of the operation have to own their risks and prepare requirements (transportation, accommodation, foods, etc.) by themselves. NPO International Rescue System Institute is checking about logistics of the requirements.

Websites of the Geographical Survey Institute provided by the Iwate Disaster Countermeasure Office (operation area is around NF673, 674)

Surveying of rubbles under sea for maintenance of harbors (making a 3D map under sea)

After searching under sea, the phase will shift to restoration and reconstruction of the harbor. A 3D map will be needed, and then obstacles will be cleaned up for keeping course of ships. In the Hachinohe harbor, a 3D map was already made and obstacles are going to be cleaned up. The call-request of underwater robots has been canceled in Aomori. Immediate support has been needed and some Japanese and foreign researchers got requests, but no one could not handled those requests.

Reference movies

<Hachinohe harbor> 21st March.

<Misawa harbor> 21st March.



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