Activity Report (1) 2011.04.07

The call-request for robotics engineers/researchers from local government
(This information is shared with the Robotics Society of Japan by mailing-list)

In Minami-Sanriku-cho, Miyagi (information provided by Associate Professor Tetsuya Kimura, Nagaoka University of Technology)

A call-request for searching bodies operation with underwater robots was sent to Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku University) and Prof. Robin Murphy (Texas A&M University) from Mr. Hitoshi Sato (the mayor of Minami-Sanriku-cho, Miyagi). Other groups for this operation are welcomed too. Any devices and tools for searching are pleased to use. The town office of Minami-Sanriku-cho has been ruined, and almost a half population of this town has been missing by Tsunami. Participants of the operation have to own their risks and prepare requirements (transportation, accommodation, foods, etc.) by themselves. There are still many ports and harbors where detailed searching has not been done in disaster area of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, and continuous underwater searching is desired in Minami-Sanriku-cho. There are also still non-deepwater areas that can be searched even by underwater robots developed in university labs.

(Reference in Japanese)



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