Activity Report (3) 2011.04.21

The team Tokyo Institute of Technology with Professor Shigeo Hirose made an operation in Watari-cho, Miyagi

Information provided by Professor Shigeo Hirose, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Photo: The camping-car used for the operation(left).   Overview of Anchor Diver III (right).

The team arrived at Watari-cho, Miyagi in midnight, and waited next morning on the playground of Watari-cho primary school.

9:00AM: The team visited to the Disaster Countermeasure Office and held a meeting about searching operation. The operation was started in the South part of Arahama port. Tracked searching by boat was canceled, only searching from pier was done, because the weather was too bad and the boat supposed to be used for the operation was too small.

The operation in the North part of Arahama port was done, because the weather got better. As many fixed nets under water were hitched to the robot during the operation, prevention for this accident was made.

In the afternoon: The team visited to the Yamamoto-cho Disaster Countermeasure Office that made a call-request, and inspected the site. Field condition of this site was much worse than Watari-cho. The team gave up doing the operation in this site, because approaching to the sea from quay walls was too difficult and there was no boat. The team came back to the Arahama port, and made the operation near another quay wall in the North part.

17:30PM: Pullout


Photo: Searching with Anchor Diver III from a quay wall (left).  Captured image with the sonar/video camera (right).

A searching operation with high-vision camera by approaching and checking targets of the sonar was done in the area of 100 square meters (4m depth). No bodies were found. Although water was not clear, targets were visible enough to check by approaching in closeup. As using tension wires, checking work was done stably. Cables of wired ROV can be hitched to rubbles under water generally, but it did not happened. The robot Anchor Diver III was maneuverable and suitable for the operation. The team got experiences for this kind of searching operation.

Tokyo Institute of Technology: Shigeo Hirose, Yawen Huang, Koji Ueda
HiBot corporation: Mechele Guarnieri,Paulo Debenest

Shigeo Hirose
Distinguished Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Board member of NPO International Rescue System Institute



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